Welcome to Daybreak Adult Day Services, Inc. Daybreak has been serving the needs of Frederick County Seniors for 25 years and we hope that we may be able to help you. We are a daytime program where senior citizens who may need support or assistance can get out of the house and have a good time. We provide medical supervision (in our medical day program), door to door transportation, delicious meals, physical assistance and support, and physically and mentally stimulating activities in a bright and spacious center.

A senior who lives alone
Daybreak is a great way to break the monotony of days spent home alone. Instead, spend time laughing with others, getting exercise, and using your brain. In our safe and stimulating center, you will get the help you need to stay as independent as you can be.

A senior who lives with family
Daybreak is a great place to spend your days if you are living with family. If you are still independent, you may enjoy getting out of the house and doing something just for you. Make some friends, learn something new, and keep yourself busy. If you are a senior who needs assistance from your family, Daybreak can be a resource to you both. The senior who joins us will enjoy the company of others and a variety of activities designed to stimulate mind and body in our safe and secure center. Family at home will benefit from time to manage other household and personal needs, as well as peace of mind that their loved one is safe while you are out.

A senior who lives in assisted living
Sometimes an active senior needs something to do all day. If the activity calendar where you live isn’t quite enough, think about supplementing your schedule with a few days a week at Daybreak. Make friends and keep your mind and body active.

The caregiver for any of the above

Whether you are caring for a loved one from a distance, or in your own home, we recognize that being a caregiver, while very rewarding, can be challenging and exhausting. By sending your loved one to Daybreak, you can rest easy knowing that they are spending their time engaged in stimulating and enjoyable activities in a safe location. You can take time to attend to your own personal needs, to work, to recharge, and to take care of you.

Additionally, you will benefit from the support and knowledge of the team of professionals at Daybreak. The nurse, social worker, and activity director become partners with you as you fulfill your caregiving duties.

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Frederick, MD 21702
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